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mitt romney tries to get back on message, saying he wants to help 100% of americans. >> hillary clinton faces tough questions today over that deadly consulate attack in libya. >> the only person to make fortune's 50 top women's list. but now fortune says she's barely hanging on. we'll ask oprah winfrey what she thinks about that. >> eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> my complain is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. >> mitt romney fights back in florida. >> trying to turn the tables
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using the president's own words of a long time ago. >> republicans insist president obama's 1998 redistribution comments are represent what the president always believed and still believes. >> the trick is figuring out how do we structure government system that is pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution. top u.s. security official told a senate panel wednesday the deadly attack in libya september 11th in which the ambassador and three others were killed was a terrorist strike. unemployment is way too high and home ownership is way too low, the recovery is happening. federal jury has awarded a man more than $7 million for lung damage caused by microwave popcorn. >> i would breathe it in because it smells good. riders stuck, dangling nearly four hours, 300 feet in the air. >> i'm just happy to be on the ground. a very close call has one police officer being called a hero. the officer pushes a woman out
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of the way. p>> ooh, i'm not doing that mov. >> expect some delays. ooh, that left lane. he just got whacked. >> did you ever have a concussion? >> i don't remember. >> she doesn't need rehab. she needs a driver, this girl. >> this co-host of "cbs this morning" also has the energy to engage the egg heads on his pbs talk show. ver on veronica? >> who is charlie rose? >> correct. >> on "cbs this morning." >> lady gaga took a few puffs of what appeared to be marijuana on stage in amsterdam. gagagot so high, she put on a stage in amsterdam. gagagot so high, she put on a sungrass and sensible shoes. captioning funded by cbs >> welcome to cbs "this morning." the presidential campaign welcome to "cbs this morning." the presidential campaign focuses on florida. president obama and mitt romney will be there. >> the republican candidate tried to reach out to the 47% of
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americans he dismissed in a spech to big-money donors. jen crawford is in coral gables, florida, just outside miami. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie and to our viewers in the west. romney is on the offensive after taking hits for the past two days for those comments he made back in may at that fund-raiser when he said americans who don't pay federal income taxes are dependent on government. he is turning that right back at the president here in florida, obviously a key swing state saying it's the president's policies that will keep people more dependent. it's romney's second visit to florida in a week. now he's got a slightly different message. >> i don't want an america where we think the future of our nation is going to be guided by a government who -- that redistributes the income of the people. i want more incomes for everybody! >> reporter: romney is referring to a speech then state senator obama gaev in 1998, talking about government agencies to serve the working poor when he said this. >> i think the trick is figuring
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out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> reporter: that audio was made public tuesday as romney was doing damage control over his own leaked video from a may fund-raiser when he said 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes are victims. romney tried to make up some ground last night in a meet the candidate forum on univision, that the number that defines him is not 47%. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america. and i'm concerned about them. i'm concern ed about the fact that over the past four years, life has become harder for americans. >> reporter: he has since hit the president hard and brought that message here to florida where, as adam smith of the tampa bay times, points out,
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must appeal to a wide section of voters. >> florida has this magical ability of being a microcosm of america. we really match america. >> reporter: latest gallup poll shows hispanic voters now favor the president 66% to 26%. but romney has done well with another key constituency here, senior scitizens. polls show romney with 53% and president obama with 38%. while many elderly people are are in that 47% of americans who pay no income taxes, those voters also believe more than any other age group that the country is on the wrong track. now campaign advisers thelma cbs he will keep hammering that message, keep the focus on the economy. there's been a lot of criticism about romney's campaign from some republicans. advisers tell me there's no major changes planned, fo fast shake-ups in the works. politico, an article is out that details some of the things that the campaign will do to reassure
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its supporters. romney will step up his schedule. big event in nevada. he's going out west tomorrow, california oemp the weekend. and a big bus tour with his running mate, paul ryan. they have aa good rapport on the trail and advisers think that will work well. >> john dickerson is in our washington office. >> good morning, charlie. >> there you go about campaign insiders. what are republican insiders saying about this campaign and what it has to do? >> i've been on the phone with them the last several days. even more so than normal. there's a real sense of fear that romney really has one last shot. and that what he's got to do is find some way to connect with voter voters and then execute, sort of stay away from all of these distractions, some of which come out of nowhere. he doesn't control what videos pop up, but that he's got to find some way to actually do more than just assert that he's not barack obama. >> john, we have research from
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cbs. and i want to show this poll. battleground states across america. if the election were held today that barack obama would probably win this contest. if you look at the electoral votes, just based on the state polling. i have a question about whether mitt romney is having a message problem or is he having a strategy problem, based on the fact that he held his first public rally in five days and that obama is outspending romney on television ads in these battleground states. >> well, when you talk to folks who have been -- veterans of republican politics, these are people that are close to the romney campaign. others haven't been running the show since, say, the bush or dole campaigns. they all point basically to the candidate and that the problems that governor romney is having are problems governor romney is having, not the campaign itself. those numbers are partially
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those battleground state numbers, that you read there, are part of the reason that republicans are so panicked. republican politicians are starting to think about their own future as separate from romney. >> is mitt romney in charge of his schedule? there's only been one public rally in five days. >> no. he's not. well, in part, he is in charge of his schedule. if he said i want to be out there all day long, make it happen. of course, he could do that. part of the problem, though, is that the schedule over the last five days isn't what matters. the problem is that mitt romney hasn't found a way to connect with voter. that's a problem mitt romney has. no great sengalli behind him can fix that. >> how is the president using the power of the presidency? >> looks to him and say why haven't you improved things? a lot of disappointment in the electorate. that's what romney is trying to
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tap into. what the president has tried to do, when he lands in ohio, he announces that he has gotten tougher on china in ways that will help car manufacturers in toledo. it's sort of becoming deliverable, using the power of the presidency to do two things. make the connection to say here are things i'm doing specifically that will change your life. but also to show that he can actually do something. part of the problem with the economic picture is just i impotency. these are ways he can show i'm doing things that can actual ly affect your life. >> i want to get your take on karl rove, who has an op-ed in "the wall street journal" saying this, too, shall pass, this moment of mitt romney. what follows is crucial. he says in mid september 1980, president jimmy carter led ronald reagan. by late october, reagan had slumped to 39% while carter had risen to 49% but reagan ended up winning by nine points.
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is there an analogy there for mitt romney? can he turn it around the way reagan did in 1980? >> there is a glimmer of hope there. that analogy to hold couple of things has to happen. reagan -- excuse me, romney has to be as talented as ronald reagan. one thing you hear in conversations and interviews i've done, that -- a lot of people don't think he has those kind of skills. >> those things especially seen -- those kind of skills are seen in a debate as well. >> yes. >> thank you, john. secretary of state hillary clinton will be briefing members of congress behind closed doors, sure to have questions about last woek's attacks that killed the ambassador to libya and three of his aides. margaret brennan is on capitol hill. margaret? >> reporter: good morning to you, charlie. fbi still hasn't made it to the crime scene in benghazi. secretary clinton will give a classified account of the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. witnesses tell cbs news that there was never an anti-american
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protest outside the consulate. instead they say it came under planned attack. that is in direct contradiction to the administration's account. that comes with complaints that the administration has not been forgetright. >> i'm just stunned and appalled that there wasn't better security for all of the american personnel at that consulate, given the high threat environment. >> now under law, state must establish a panel to investigate the attacks, report to congress within 60 days. today, secretary of state hillary clinton will outline what she is and is not willing to share. what's clear, charlie, is that the public won't get a detailed account of what happened until after the presidential election. >> margaret brennan, thank you. senior correspondent john miller, former assistant
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director of the fbi is with us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> who is this young man? >> he is a former al qaeda member was in guantanamo bay, released to libya. during the revolution when they let everybody out of the prisons, he was released there in march 2010 and became part of the revolution against gaud autograph gad autograph -- gaud agadhafi. he is a suspect on paper. there is intell about him. it's way too early to verify these reports. we've seen he is the prime suspect way too early. >> former guantanamo bay detainee ended up in this attack, killing one of our ambassadors, that would raise real questions. i know we don't have an answer yet about that. we did hear on capitol hill
7:13 am
yesterday matthews olson, director of the national counterterrorism center tell lawmakers that they believe that this was a terrorist attack, but it wasn't preplanned. how does that make sense? >> i think it doesn't make sense. whenever you torture the language, what's a terrorist attack versus a planned terrorist attack, let me tell you my definition of a terrorist attack is when people are firing rocket-propelled grenades at you and shooting and burning down your compound for political reasons. that's terrorism. whether it was preplanned or not is tough because in this environment in libya, in a normal place when people show up with weapons and cars and effective assault you say that requires preoperational planning. libya went through 13 months of this there's all kinds of militias with cars and weapons. it's one place that it can happen spontaneously. >> is it more likely to be spontaneous or preplanned? >> the jury is out on that,
7:14 am
charlie. i know we want answers and want answers now. you have a situation where intelligence officers are looking at the intercepts from the time of the attack, pressing human intelligence. then the criminal investigators, fbi on the ground, interviewing people and saying what happened here? >> john miller, thank you. now census figures coming out today show that the economic downturn may have bottomed out. 36.5 million, 12% of the population moved to a new home last year. also fewer young americans are living with their parents. rising mobility could mean americans are test iing out job prospects. this has been the worst u.s. economic slump since world war ii. if you're travel iing on american airlines this morning, check your flight. american has canceled hundreds of flights just this week and disruptions are expected to continue through next month. rebecca jarvis is here to show us why. >> charlie and norah, so far this week, american airlines and its regional carrier, american
7:15 am
eagle, have canceled more than 300 flights, more than three times the number of flights canceled by united, usair and delta combined. new cancellations have set off a war of words between american management and its pilots. american management blames the cancellation on a high number of pilots calling in sick, forcing the company to cut its scheduled flights through october. carrier and its pilots have been at odds over stalled contract negotiations. the battle escalated after american notified 11,000 employees that they could lose their jobs as part of the company's bankruptcy restructuring. while american says it expects the actual number to be more like 4,000, the news further angered the company's 7,500 pilots. the pilots union tells cbs news it has not actually noticed an increase in sick calls. but american reports that more pilots are putting in
7:16 am
maintenance -- some as minor asphalas faulty seatbelts, adding to delays. it's unclear whether this will be sorted out before the start of the busy holiday season right around the corner. >> that could be a mess. rebecca jarvis, thank you. more fallout from the fast and furious operation. two high-ranking officials announced they are stepping down. 471-page report was handed down on wednesday. the lead investigator testified to congress and will testify, i should say, this morning. cheryl at kkinson, who broke th story last year, reports more heads may be on the chopping block. >> reporter: the report calls 18 officials from the department of justice a justice, leaving attorney general unscathed, saying they left him in the dark of the gun operation fast and furious,
7:17 am
which let thousands of weapons fall into the hands of mexican drug cartels. according to the report, from 2009 to april 2010, suspects purchased over 1,300 firearms for more than $1 million. no arrests were made and just one seizure. two guns, ak-47 type rifles were found at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian terry. it will now be up to their internal investigators to decide whether and how to discipline them. >> republicans say they'll continue their fight to get documents when would under executive privilege exerted by president obama. >> we still have a responsibility to do our constitutional job of oversight. that means getting our hands on those 73,000, 74,000 pages of documents we don't have yet. >> reporter: meantime the inspector general recommends they launch top to bottom
7:18 am
reviews of public safety that was allowed to be disregarded, risking lives in the u.s. and mexico. cheryl atkinson, tucson, arizona. colorado prosecutors want to add ten more charges against james holmes, the suspect in the aurora theater massacre. 152 counts for the shooting spree that killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others. chick-fil-a will stop donating to organizations that oppose same-sex marriage. this summer the fast food company's president created an uproar with his comments, defending traditional marriage. in response, several cities looked to block chick-fil-a from expanding. the company says it will no longer discuss hot button political issues. fewer americans are commuting solo. number of workers driving to work alone dropped slightly from 2010 to 2011 with a slumping economy and rising gas prices. commutes on public
7:19 am
transportation rose nationwide. and the seattle times reports starbucks has begun manufacturing its home brewed machine making espresso drinks by this national weather report sponsored by aquafresh extreme clean. take the feeling of clean to the extreme.
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>> numbers show there's little difference between nfl's regular referees and officials taking their place. players and fans tell a different story. >> hard argument to make that the replacement refs offer you the chance to put your best product on the field for fans. >> this morning we'll show you why the regular refs are on the sidelines and why their replacements accused of ruining the game. >> now that oprah winfrey isn't
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. here's some election news. during a fundraiser with jay-z last night the president said he and the rapper have a lot in common because their wives are more popular than they are. jay-z they have a lot in common because neither one of them has a plan to fix the economy.
7:26 am
>> more and 11 you're born in ireland and is expected to recover after he wish that while he slept in his own bed this morning. several shots at the damage home on macro and could in martinez gas station will be closed for at least three months after the car slammed into a gas pump and exploded. no one was hurt and a charge driver will not be charged prepared to lead us that things will have a special billing event at moffett field. ,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
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into the wet mess on or about what one if your commute takes you through palo alto. university avenue there is an overturned accident blocking two lanes. is going to be at the for another 20 minutes. the time in their bed on a northbound lanes of one the one between to 37 in number park. little patchy fog around the bay area this morning. going to squeeze in sunshine as we head towards the afternoon. forties in the north bay ballet's duties elsewhere. that afternoon below average but mostly sunny skies of as we head towards the next couple of,,,,,,,,,,
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the lockout of nfl referees still grinding on and replacement refs are a disaster. i was looking at the tape today. it's pretty bad. take a look. >> i do not know of any of these official gestures. [ speaking foreign language ] [ audience booing ] >> i don't know. welcome back to cbs "this morning." >> we're watching the referees more than usual because they are replacing the regular referees.
7:31 am
they have been making their fair share of mistakes. all eyes are on them this week beginning tonight. jeff glor is here. good morning. >> good morning. ever concern during the offseason week one wasn't so bad. then week two when many hit the panic button especially after monday night what is supposed to be showcase for the nfl turned into more of a side show. >> the press cards from the four super bowls that i've refereed. >> he spent 4 years in the nfl. >> it's a crime to let them officiate these games. the league says they are doing a good job and get better every week. my personal opinion is they will not get better every week, they will get worse. >> the ruling on the field has been reversed. >> on monday replacement officials were marking off incorrect yardage, missing turnovers and causing extreme delays.
7:32 am
>> it's ruining the momentum of the game and affecting the outcome. >> clocked in the end zone. >> that after sunday. >> a lot of ravens fans went what? >> clock running at the wrong time. pass interferences. one man pulled from a game last minute when it was discovered he was a new orleans saints fan about to ref a saints game. the league for its part is not talking publicly. they released a statement saying officiating is never perfect. current be officials have made great strides and are performing admirably under unprecedented scrutiny and great pressure. >> you have to sit there and wait. one thing you don't want to do is put the game into the officials hands. >> everybody talks about the integrity of the game and things like that. i think this is kind of along those lines. >> are they right? >> to a degree they are. it's a hard argument to make
7:33 am
that the replacement refs offer you a chance to put your best product on the field. >> the divide between both sides is over pension plans. officials want to keep them, the nfl wants to shift 2401 ks. and it's about salaries. officials earning an average of $149,000 a year want more. but the increase success requested and on to a 1.7% of the league's annual revenue, $9.3 billion. that's not all. >> falls under the heading of church change for nfl. it's about control. they want to make sure they maintain control of their referees. the pension issue is important but i think this deal could get done with very little financial strain for the nfl. it's kind of remarkable that it's gotten this far. >> which side overplayed their hand here or did both >> to a degree both did. >> as week three begins the most successful operation in pro sports is facing an increasing
7:34 am
barrage of broad sides fueled by fear that the game's outcome may no longer rest in the hands of its players. >> the only way this with itting settled if the fans stop watching the games. people love their football. as this goes on, and these officials make a mockery of handling the games, it's got to have some effect. >> as of this morning there are no scheduled meets. the nfl has drawn up a replacement ref schedule for weeks four and five so it's unlikely you'll see the regular referees back on the field before then. >> what are the other issues that's holding this thing up? >> the nfl wants to set up a referee pool of 21 refs that can be brought in if the regular refs aren't performing well. >> any guess how long this will last? >> if there are more problems this week, you will see them start talking a little bit more.
7:35 am
but that said even if they reach a deal then you have to deal with the logistics getting them back on the field and scheduling travel. so it would be at least into week to your or five. >> it points out one thing that good refs are important to the game. >> absolutely. these guys are pros. the replacements are not hacks. they have some experience. they are just not professional nfl referees. >> our nfl correspondent, jeff glor. >> i like that. >> they are trying to play catch up with verizon and at&t. we'll ask sprint ceo if the iphone 5 can turn things around. >> according to a new power lift oprah winfrey is losing clout. we'll ask her how she feels about that on cbs "this morning".
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phone provider has lost subscribers for the last five years. the ceo of sprint joins us this morning. iphone 5 is coming out. what will that mean to sprint? >> we started carrying the iphone in the fourth quarter last year. itne in our sales in q1 and q2 because i think it matches so well with simplicity, unlimited data. the iphone 5 is a big upgrade. there was a nice review of it in the "wall street journal." larger screen. faster processor. works on the 4g lt networks. >> the other thing is unlimited data, not necessarily new but a distinct feature of sprint.
7:41 am
what does it provide? >> basically text and talk are pretty much unlimited across all the carriers. the data is surfing, games, social networking or what have you. on the big tube at&t and verizon it's metered. what they've done is come out with these shared data plans so now instead of keeping track of your own usage in terms of am i going to hit my limit and go into extra charges now you have to keep track of everybody in the family. so your son or daughter or spouse could blow up the family's data plan. we think that customers want simplicity and don't want to have to think every time i hit this icon on the front of the iphone how much i want will cost me. >> it's interesting how so many businesses are excited about the iphone not just personally for getting it but because of the ripple effect for other businesses in clued urge own. how many new subscribers do you expect? >> we haven't forecasted that yet. the 4s was a big mover for us.
7:42 am
40% of the 4s customers and iphone 4s customers are new customers to sprint which is twice the ratified our competitors. it's added a lot of new customers and we expect that trend to continue. >> two big systems, apple system and android system. is there room for a third, perhaps microsoft? >> well, i think if there is a third that makes it, most likely be microsoft. apple and android have been growing their collective share. they have over 90% of u.s. share for smart phones. that's been increase pap lot of people think it will be a dualopoly. if you look what's happening in the mobile industry, the desk top is moving to a laptop. microsoft has a strong position in both. apple has brought the tablet
7:43 am
into the market. that might be microsoft's big move. cios, chief information officers of companies want the same look and feel, if you will, on the tablet as on the laptop. the other thing that's happening you have almost this merger taking place between tablets and phones. what's the demarcation. tablets getting smaller. a year ago 9 inch tablets were a big certainly. there's a rumor apple is coming out with a 7 inch. phone screen are getting larger. new samsung note 2 which they announced is 5.5. 5.5 inch phones and 7 inch tablets. they are almost the same thing. >> the size of the kindle. >> exactly. this continuum, if you will, gives microsoft an opportunity if they seize on it move to into the phone space by writing down the screen size, if you will, wave from the desk top down the
7:44 am
phone. >> great to talk,, it could be a major break through for ms patients. we'll show you what it is and how it is already helping people. that's next on cbs "this morning". [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home.
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on this papyrus are the explosive words. >> jesus said to them my wife. >> what a catch, right ladies? it's so hard to find a nice jewish boy let alone the nicest jewish boy. but as happy as i am for my bro, this news has got me a little bummed out. jesus was one of my last single friends. what am i going to do on sundays. we used to watch the games together.
7:49 am
i guess i'll have to go to church. >> on today's health watch a new treatment for multiple sclerosis, ms affects more than 400,000 americans. it can strike anyone at any time but usually hits adults in the prime of their lives and as this report shows researchers say there's a new drug that's proving very promising. >> as an electrician this 49-year-old man depends on good vision but seven years ago things began to go dark. >> i was scared to death. i went to work at 6:00 in the evening, and i was completely blind in one eye six hours later. >> the cleveland father of two was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or ms. ms is a neurological disease. symptoms can range from numbness to tingling to blindness and paralysis. it gets worse over time leaving patients disabled. while there's no cure for ms
7:50 am
there are effective treatments. kate gets monthly infusions requiring a two hour visit to the hospital but there are potential side effects including fatal brain infections. >> the symptoms of the brain infection can mirror the symptoms of ms. you can't know. you go into a panic mode. >> what eve needed in ms treatment is the ideal combination of a very effective therapy, well tolerated, and safe. >> now that therapy may finally be here in an easy to take pill. neurologist dr. fox is the medical director at the cleveland clinic for multiple sclerosis. he led clinical trials for a new drug which helps prevent flare ups of ms. research involves more than 2,000 patients from all over the world who were fold for two years. patients on bt 12 had a 50% reduction in relapses and 70% reduction in brain scarring. >> we don't have a cure yet but
7:51 am
we have gotten that much closer to getting good control of this disease. >> as for steve o'mally he hasn't had a single ms episode since going on the drug. some of his vision has returned. >> you have to characterize it as a miracle. i feel healthier today than seven years ago. >> researchers hope it will gain approval. this is such good news. there's not a cure but there is treatment and i know, identify done programs on this and you're involved in washington. >> yeah on multiple sclerosis. it's hard because there's not a cure for ms. people are working on it. but this drug clearly has had great effects. >> two decades ago no treatments. making gigantic inroads into understanding and treating disease. >> good news for people with ms. for 15 years oprah winfrey has mean fortune's list of the most powerful women in america. we'll speak with her about this
7:52 am
year's list coming up on cbs "this morning". >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by v8 vegetable juice. cop have had a v8. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. freshly prepared by real cooks [ man ] t-5...4... with our own secret recipes. 3... taste for yourself why fresh is better. 2...1...
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7:56 am
the revenue but it is hospitalized after he shot lead this morning in east oakland. he was in sat a house armed a road and wounded after someone outside fire at home. so far there are no suspects. police said the driver responsible for a driver its motion cannot be charged. shows his cargo and of control and a smashing into a gas pump yesterday. a san jose firefighter frank lin who suffered a heart attack at battling a fire at st. patrick's cathedral last month has been released from hospital.,,,,
7:57 am
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7:58 am
no other witnesses said it is a terrible commute we have been over to an accident near university ave. what the traffic and load and effectiveness with stealing its gemini ii is 37. also slipped 83 oakland's it as an accidental head and burger pit itself down. in the sunshine showed up in the valley could mostly sunny skies that afternoon. fifties' elsewhere. afternoon sunshine. ,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ pressure pushing down on me ♪ pushing down on you ♪ it is 8:00 a.m. welcome to cbs "this morning." as president obama heads to florida, governor mitt romney is stepping up his campaign there, saying he's ready to help 100% of americans. and we'll talk with oprah winfrey about making "fortune" magazine's list of the most powerful women for the 15th year in a row. but first, here's a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on "cbs this morning." >> i don't want an america where we think the future of our nation is going to be guided by a government that redistributes the income of the people. >> romney is on the offensive after taking hits for the past two days over those remarks where he said people who don't pay federal income taxes are
8:01 am
dependent on government. >> the problem is that mitt romney hasn't found a way to connect with voters, and that's a problem mitt romney has. no great spend gallie behind him pcan fix that. hk will be briefing members of congress behind closed doors about last week's attack that killed an american ambassador to libya and three of his aides. >> there are calls for more information from capitol hill and complaints that the administration has not been forthright. >> they believe this was a terrorist attack, but it wasn't preplanned. how does that make sense? >> i think it doesn't make sense. after replacement refs made mistakes this weekend people are asking are they up to the job. >> week one wasn't too bad. then week two, many hit the panic button. >> the only way this will be settled is in the fans stop watching the game. >> the iphone 5's a big upgrade. >> apple has pushed back the shipping date for the new iphone 5. they pushed it back. they said don't worry, though, it should be delivered the day before they unveil the iphone 6.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president obama and governor mitt romney are campaigning in florida today. romney still getting flack for saying 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes are dependent on government. but in miami wednesday romney went on the offensive. >> well, first of all, this is a campaign about the 100%. and over the last several years, you've seen greater and greater divisiveness in this country. we had hoped to come back today, but instead, you've seen us pull apart, and politics has driven us apart in some respects. so, my campaign is about the 100% in america. and i'm concerned about them. i know that i'm not going to get 100% of the vote, and my campaign will focus on those people we think we can bring in to support me. we're going to keep america the hope of the earth! >> romney is not the only one getting fired up. more swing state voters are excited too, according to a new gallup poll. it shows 59% of voters in a dozen swing states are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president in
8:03 am
november. that is up 12% since may. secretary of state hillary clinton may face some tough questions in congress today. she will be briefing members about the safety of u.s. missions abroad after that deadly attack on the consulate in libya last week. margaret brennan is on capitol hill. and margaret, what message will the secretary have for these lawmakers? >> reporter: not a lot of detail, norah, but the secretary will give a classified account of the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. what we know is the state is required under law to provide a bipartisan panel to investigate the attack and report back to congress within 60 days. this afternoon, secretary clinton will share what she is and is not willing to detail. what is clear, though, is that the public won't get an account until after the presidential election. the fbi still has not made to it the incriminate scene in benghazi, but witnesses tell cbs news that there was never an anti-american protest in
8:04 am
benghazi. instead, they say the consulate came under planned attack. that is in direct contradiction to the administration's versions of the incident. and it happens as capitol hill calls for more details and asks for some more forthcoming details of exactly what happened in benghazi. secretary clinton's deputy is in tripoli, libya today. he'll be meeting with libya's new prime minister and preside over a memorial service for ambassador chris stevens. >> thank you, margaret brennan. if you've had it with junk mail, join the club, but you haven't seen anything yet. the struggling u.s. postal service reportedly is cutting deals to increase direct mail advertising so it can make more money. last year americans got about 84 billion pieces of junk mail. that's cutting into local budgets in cities and towns. they estimate they spend $1 billion just to throw the junk mail away. wow, some amusement park
8:05 am
riders in southern california were left high and dry wednesday. the windseeker ride stalled at knoxberry farm. people were stuck 300 feet in the air for four hours. it's the second time in two weeks the ride stalled. everyone, though, good news, got off safely. >> and they've had their fix for a while. quarterback tim tebow isn't getting much playing time so far with the jets, but he's making a splash in a new issue of "vogue." tebow was photographed out of uniform by annie leibovitz. >> whoo! >> look at that. >> all right! >> he told "vogue" he thrives on overcoming challenges. >> good morning, everyone. >> hello, charlie. >> good morning. you like those pictures of tebow? >> i do very much, yes. >> i love "vogue." >> you do. >> and this morning, "fortune," i love this magazine, too, has a new list of the most power pafu women in business. meg whitman is head of the list, then indra nooyi and then meg
8:06 am
whitman with ibm. in a moment, we'll talk to number 50 on the list, here on "cbs this morning." hello! it's my very good friend. >> hey, shaniqua! >> you have many good friends here. >> you have many good friends. oprah, we're taking a break. we're coming back to talk to you after the break. we'll be right back. >> oprah, we're taking a break. we're coming back to talk to you right after the break. mage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region
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♪ ♪ whoa, oh, ho, it's magic, you know ♪ as always, oprah winfrey is on "fortune" magazine's new list of america's 50 most powerful women. last year she was 16. this year, she's number 50. the "fortune" article says oprah winfrey the only woman with a spot on the list since its inception, hangs on barely. oprah winfrey is with us live from new orleans. good morning. >> hanging on barely. [ laughter ] >> all right. so, let's start this off by saying -- >> i said gayle, gayle said you all wanted to interview me. and i go, well, why? i think i barely made the list! >> i should say you've been up all night making this new movie called "the butler," which you are starring in. secondly -- >> i'm not starring in! it's an ensemble. i'm not starring, charlie, okay? i'm in it. >> ensemble.
8:11 am
i stand corrected. >> okay. >> are you concerned about where you are on any list? >> oh, for heaven's sake, no. you know, i think anybody who is successful in their own life understands that the most important thing is to take ownership of wherever your ranking is, whatever your standing is. and you know, i've been very honored and flattered over the years to be on various lists. but for me, the most important thing is what you do with that ranking. that's why today i think there's "forbes" magazine coming out -- >> we've got it. >> that talks about -- you've got it? okay, do you have the cover? that talks about the importance of really what you do with wherever you are in your life and so for me that's the most important thing is how i use what my position, what my abilities, what my success has been able to do for other people.
8:12 am
>> and so, oprah, talk about that. this is norah here. i'm gayle's new bff. >> hi, norah, welcome! welcome to the family. >> thank you, thank you. so, tell us what you are doing and how is own doing and how is the magazine doing? >> well, i will tell you this, that this is a tough time for magazines, all magazines, and that's why we're very proud for our e-edition of "o" magazine. we've been in business for 12 years. i've done about 120 covers. i'm really excited about what's happening at own. you know, when i was on in april, we were going through some tough times. i'm happy to report that we have made the turn, and it's been like turning the ship around in the middle of a small canal, but we've made the turn, and i'm really just so thrilled about so much of the programming. this past weekend, "fixed my life" posted phenomenal ratings
8:13 am
two nights in a row and aired on saturdays and people were excited and twitter was trending. we have so many new exciting shows coming up. the key for me was getting engaged myself and also getting engaged in the programming, and getting the right team in place and we've been able to do that and that's really exciting. >> oprah, that sounds a bit like what you had to do with your schools in south africa, when you got engaged and focused on them, you turned it around and made it work, and now you've got students attending college in america. >> yeah, yeah. that's why i love that "forbes" article out today. it talks about that so well. i would have to say, charlie, you are so astute because i actually -- all the time, gayle will tell you that i use the school and my struggles and challenges with getting the school in shape, leadershipwise and otherwise, to the network. and it took about five years. and in five years, i will tell
8:14 am
you, the most rewarding thing i've ever experienced is not the graduation, which at the time i thought was the most rewarding thing for me was recently being in boston, putting my girls in school and going to bed, bath & beyond and -- >> wait, stop, stop. wait, oprah, stop. i really have to tell a story about that. so, do we have a picture? oprah calls me up and goes, we went to a store called bed, bath & beyond, have you heard of it? i said everyone's heard of it! she goes, i didn't know what it was. i thought it was a little boutique, but it's really a cool store. and you go at the worst possible time when it's packed, but you really liked the experience with bed, bath & beyond and target. >> i was just going to say, target. >> i really like the experience of -- >> go ahead. >> target, bed, bath & beyond. i really like the experience. but i will tell you, of all the things i've done with the school, i woke up on the morning that we were going shopping, and it really hit me that, oh, my god, we really did this, you know? nobody does anything alone, and
8:15 am
it again is about getting the right leadership in place and getting the girls to a point where they can use the education that we provided. so, now you're right, we have a number of girls in schools in the united states and a number, everybody in this entire graduation class is in college. so, that's all exciting. to be able to do that with your ranking, wherever you're ranked on anybody's list to me is a very good thing. >> but oprah, i have to say, when i got the list and i saw you were 50 out of 50, i found myself just a little irritated. you didn't have a moment where you go, okay, okay, "fortune," i can go from this to this? that didn't phase you at all? >> well, first of all, gayle, i wouldn't have known that the magazine was out or that i was on the list if you hadn't have called me. >> yeah, that's true. >> no, it didn't phase me at all. >> that is true. that is true. op op >> oprah, you have been on the list for 15 years and no one has been on it all those years, but
8:16 am
it is great to see all the women out there, leading businesses and also what they're doing, not just at work, but also the philanthropy that they're doing on the side. talk about that in terms of giving back, the importance of giving back. >> well, you know, i believe that everybody's life -- you know, there's a wonderful bible verse that i love that i bring up that's sort of become my mantra that says only what you do for christ will last. and i think if you substitute the christ for goodness and for grace, if you substitute the word for doing good things in life, i think what you do that is lasting in the world, that really changes somebody else's life, yours gets changed in return. so, for me, it's all about using what you have, no matter where you are, whether it's your own small cupcake business or whether you're running, you know, a major corporation, using
8:17 am
whatever you have to be able to give back to other people in a way that benefits them and yourself. >> we started talking about the movie, and i really, really appreciate, we all do, that you've been up all night and that you still agreed to do this. but you talked about being part of the ensemble. forrest whitaker plays your husband, and you all have a scene -- >> yes. >> i can't wait to see -- >> i adore him! yes. >> i can't wait to see you and forrest as husband and wife. there is a kissing scene you were talking about the other day. did you feel all tingly? >> i felt pretty good about it, let me just say. forrest is a good kisser, how about that? thank you, kisha whitaker! >> i just thought you and lenny kravitz, jane fonda, robin williams. it's a big cast. >> well, that's why i was saying to charlie, it really is an ensemble. and for me, it's not so much about -- i have a wonderful acting coach now. and for me, it's not so much good the acting as it is abot i being able to work with an
8:18 am
ensemble, because anybody who works on films knows that you create this family, and to be able to have that family vibe, and lee daniels is an incredible, just incredible -- i'm just trying to think of the word -- sometimes crazy director. he's really great. it's been wonderful to have the artistic experience. >> all right, oprah winfrey, thanks. thanks, thanks. where are you going now? >> i'm going to sleep for four hours and go back to set. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> charlie, norah,
8:19 am
philadelphia has a new exhibit with the works. we'll take you to the first pizza museum and meet the man who made it. that story is coming up on cbs this morning. "this morning." >> this morgues of cbs "this morning" sponsored by cvs pharmacy, flu shots available every store every day at cvs pharmacy. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d, done! hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington,
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8:22 am
this co-host of cbs "this morning" also has the energy to engage the egg heads on his pbs talk show. >> who is charlie rose? >> correct. >> you know what i love about that, she got it. she got it right on the first time. yeah. that's you, charlie rose. >> you interview only egg heads on your show. >> coming up before laverne and shirley made penny marshall a >> coming up before laverne and shirley made penny marshall a star she was in a commercial.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
could morning. and headlines and 11 year-old boy in oakland is expected to recover after he was shot while he slept early this morning. several shots fired into the family's home and no one else was hurt. the driver responsible for a gas station explosion will not be charged. simmons video shows as car going out of could control smashing into account pump yesterday forcing customers of the oil station to run for safety. the valley humane society must shut down for a few weeks before repairs during construction of the animals will need a temporary home if you could help the shelter will be how open from noon till 7 today for last
8:26 am
minute adoptions.
8:27 am
this is a bad commit for a lot of people across the bay area 880 in oakland southbound 880 traffic at a crawl with one lane and both directions that blocked right now but a crash approaching either direction give yourself extra time.
8:28 am
a traffic alert issued southbound 680 heavy traffic right now coming into martinez on the southbound lanes and also on the peninsula earlier accident northbound won a one approaching university has been cleared and fortunately the damage has been done. cloud cover breaking up along the bay area a bit with looking at summer sunshine throughout the day. a few lingering clouds but more sunshine heading toward the afternoon but cool in some spots with 49 in the napa valley and 46 in santa rosa. this afternoon '70s and '80s inland and seven is around the bay area. all of the temperatures are running below average but we should warm things up a little bit on friday and the first day of fall on saturday. calling back down again on sunday. cooling.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
did you >> if you haven't watched big brother yet. close your ears. we watched it. played it. all summer i lived big brother. today the season 14 winner is here. >> plus elmo. >> and michael urie. ♪ penny marshall has led an extraordinary life from the streets of new york to the hollywood hills and she will admit it's all been a little nuts. this morning bill whittaker looks back on her career on both sides of the camera. >> hey fonzi. >> reporter: it was a date with the fonz on "happy days" that started penny marshall on her
8:31 am
journey to the a-list. they were such a hit in primetime they soon had a tv show of their own. "laverne and shirley" debuted on january 27th, 1976. by season three it was the most watched television show in america. >> don't panic. don't look down. [ laughter ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: after seven years on top, whoopi goldberg convinced her to move behind the camera, directing the jumpin' jack flash. "big" turned out to be huge. and marshall became the first
8:32 am
women to earn big at the box office and earned tom thanks his first oscar nomination. >> there's no crying in baseball. >> reporter: marshall went on to direct a string of memorable films. defined by both their humor. >> how am i going to tell my parents? i can't talk to them about the weather. >> reporter: and heart. ♪ >> reporter: for cbs "this morning," bill whittaker in los angeles. >> penny marsh shall, the title of the book is "my mother was nuts." >> she was. >> i was trying to figure out a dignified way to ask. but you might be nutty too. >> i don't deny that. you know, everybody is a little nuts. >> you look back over your life you start out with this.
8:33 am
not much personal drama going up with two parents who hated each other. raising a daughter. there was a cancer thing too. when you look back over the body of your life don't you think all in all it's turned out okay for you? >> absolutely. knock on wood. this is glass. i don't know what that does. yes. lucky life. a lot of life is luck. >> you talk candidly about your looks. you were in a commercial with farrah fawcett. there was a movie role where it says we'll go the plain girl doing something. >> home lu girl. >> homely girl at bar. >> homely girl at bar. >> why did they write that? >> i don't know. >> i talked very candidly how you were never happy with the way you looked. >> still not. >> ufc going to ask you at this age don't you feel -- haven't you got to the place this is who i am, i'm comfortable in my own skin. >> i'm a little fat.
8:34 am
i'm a little chubby here. >> join jenny craig. >> penny is there such a day as the good old days. you were married to rob rhiner and your place was the house where everybody came. >> we were a stable couple if you can imagine that. >> talk about those days. people would come over to relax. >> billy crystal came over. jim brooks. there were a lot of writers. harvey miller. >> you write about the drugs. >> well it was the '70s and '80s. before you were born. >> i was born. >> but none of that now? >> no. >> you talk very candidly about the drugs and then if that isn't enough you get a brain tumor and cancer and you point out that you're one of the few people
8:35 am
that actually gained weight on chemotherapy. most people lose. >> 60 pounds. >> i got hard nails. >> penny, once that happens to you do you have a moment where you go why me? did you ever have that moment? >> no. i asked for white castle. >> you did. >> ideal with tragedy, ideal with bad things very calmly, and when i'm bored is when i'm in trouble. >> you talk about tom hanks in "big." if it had gone a different way, r rob dinero would be in "big." >> everybody turned me down. i got a boy child. >> at the time tom hanks writes about you, penny marsh shall is a fascinating woman. do you know she gave me two of my best jobs.
8:36 am
when she talks she's barely comprehensionible. read her memoir you'll come to love her. you have a distinct way of speaking. >> my father sent me to the university of new mexico and my brother and sister to northwestern, so all of us would lose our accents. >> will you do another movie? >> i rather do television because it's faster. i don't do vampires or horror or car crashes and i don't do people in big metal suits. there you go. >> we should say we started the interview asking penny did you want to wear your sunglasses and you said -- >> yes. >> are you sure you want to wear them? >> yes. i'm not glaring. >> penny marsh shall the name of the book "my mother was nuts." it's now on sale. >> please buy it. >> what a cliffhanger on "the
8:37 am
good wife." remember calinda was facing the door with a gun in her hand ready to do
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> you okay? >> we have another meeting with that new client. can you sit in? he has some questions. >> the new client? mr. tow truck? designee asked four yesterday but you stepped out. he'll be in about an hour. are you somewhere else today? >> yeah. yeah. i'll fit it in. >> the "new york times" calls archie panjabi of "the good wife" who turned television into art. >> she's won an emmy. she can walk away with another
8:40 am
emmy. ampbl archie panjabi, good morning. not too shabby. hopeful about this weekend? >> i'm not sure about winning the emmy. but i'm excited. >> up left us with a cliffhanger. the season end last season where you're sitting in the chair, you're focus don't door. you have a gun in your hand. the question is like who shot j.r. moment. don't you think? >> it ended with the knock on the door. you can see the look on her face. she was absolutely terrified. >> and don't friends ask you who is at the door. >> everybody i meet, every where i travel to, everybody is desperate to know. i tell them i shouldn't, but i tell them. >> so she has a sense of humor too. let's talk you about. is your real name is archie.
8:41 am
>> my first casting they came out for archie for half an hour not realizing it was me. they expect ad boy. >> you always wanted to be an actress. but you were told, you know, there aren't roles for people like you. that you need to have a back up plan. what did that mean, people like you? >> it was said with a lot of love in the sense that there weren't women from my culture, i'm of indian heritage. if there weren't characters like that how would she have a career. obviously i was concerned about it. but it made me more determined that if there western women of my background i want to break that barrier and pursue a career so i did. >> that's one of the great motivators when somebody tells you you can't do something seems to motivate people to prove them wrong. you had a back up plan. you went to college. >> my parents were very good. we'll support you all the way but please would you have an
8:42 am
education. so i studied and i went to university and i did management studies at the same time i was juggling the career as an actor, forcing directors and producers to let me read roles. >> and now you're playing a bad ass bisexual. your parents must be so proud. >> you play the strangest characters on tv. >> she has made -- really she's very complicated, makes risky choices that are dangerous. how do you describe her in what you're doing. >> the reason i'm playing this character, this is a woman that's so provocative. she dresses in a sexy way. she's great at manipulating people. and she's reticent about her personal life. that is going change this season with the introduction of the person at the door. >> we'll find out on sunday. >> i understand you just moved to new york.
8:43 am
so did i. >> from? >> washington, d.c. any good recommendations? >> norah talk to her about a commuting relationship. she and her husband were commuting from thrown. you're commuting from d.c. >> that's right. >> how long does it take? >> an hour. >> london -- i love london and new york. but as soon ace get to london i tart to really get withdrawal from new york. i call them my mother and father of my life. >> what do you do in new york? >> what kinds of things you captain do. it's fantastic. opera. ballet. music. concerts. just so much to do over here. >> i would like to know how you all figure ad system to navigate to make a relationship work. now, you know, when you think about london to new york that seems like nothing compared to d.c. >> i've been with my mother half for 16 years now. i've been with him for 16 years
8:44 am
now. my career started he was with me, i got my first job. i got my first job the day i married him. my good luck charm. >> those weren't connected getting your job and getting married? >> i call him my good luck charm. when you've been with somebody for that many years -- >> it's on sunday night. i'm cheering you on. norah you're cheering her on. thank you. got your speech ready? >> i'm very excited and very thrilled to be nominated. i'm with a group of great actresses. >> congratulations. it's a great show. season four of "the good wife" premiers next sunday. by one estimate americans eat 350 pizza slices a second. we'll go on a tour of one man's dream, a pizza museum coming up
8:45 am
next on cbs "this morning". ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ philadelphia has a new slice of life this hurricane warning because of one man's fascination with pizza. the city of brotherly love still loves cheesesteak, but as michelle miller reports, philly has a unique tribute to cheese, sauce and crust. >> describe for me your passion
8:48 am
for pizza. >> pizza is all around us. it's every where. snoofr wri >> yes. every where. it's the great equalizer. >> reporter: the first lunch spot to open in this philadelphia neighborhood in three decades is already attracting regulars. >> this is great to be able to stop by, grab a great slice and check out all the great stuff they have on the walls. >> reporter: a lot of memorabilia. so much, in fact that it's become the world's first pizza museum. >> nowhere on earth is there a shrine built to puzzle. there's museums on everything from bird food to mustard it's a shame. >> reporter: pizza has been a part of pop culture for generations. >> who ordered the double cheese and sausage? >> reporter: among the most celebrated of comfort foods.
8:49 am
>> a cheese pizza just for me. >> reporter: throughout this museum you'll find artifacts dedicated to all things pizza from domoinoes to "star trek" pizza cutter. >> the difference between collecting and curing. >> reporter: he's the museum's curator he's a pizza historian. >> as world war ii ended soldiers came back being stationed in italy where can we get pizza. from that point on you start to see pizza start to take shape in america. i credit this to shaky's pizza in sacramento. >> reporter: he cooked up the idea after staging a pizza themed art show two years ago, an idea he shared with three members of his church group who manage everything from design to finance to actually making the
8:50 am
dough. joseph hunter is pizza brain chef. he spent the better part of a year coming up with a recipe. >> how do you know you picked the winner? >> i tasted it and it was everything i want ad pizza to be. >> reporter: this he had little to no capital to start this business. using the modern tools of economic recovery they turned to the internet and the website, kick starter. >> in 35 to 40 days we raised over $2,000 over our goals. >> reporter: pizza has never been philly's fast food of choice. philadelphia has been known as a cheesesteak town. but brian thinks the city is ready for something new. >> philly doesn't have a feather in its cap as far as pizza goes. we wanted to put out a message. >> reporter: pizza brain has attracted national attention and worldwide acclaim. >> this is the certified largest collection of pizza memorabilia
8:51 am
on earth. >> reporter: there are however a few things he wants to add. >> the piece i want is a chunk of pizza hut from the space ball set. i know somewhere in the storage garage in hollywood it's rotting away. >> reporter: but this group of entrepreneurs have done a good job of helping themselves. for cbs "this morning," michelle miller, philadelphia. >> makes you hungry. >> i'm starving. >> just a little bit. tony, our stage manager who is bona fide italian he said is he making it in a brick oven? >> who knew there were pizza historians. >> pizza is a radiate equalizer. you think that's true? i don't know anybody that doesn't like it. >> exactly. do you like it? >> yes. i don't know anybody who doesn't like it. >> i know you like chicken. >> do i. and fish. i also know that you shouldn't eat too much.
8:52 am
>> that's true. >> my pizza topping of choice is double cheese, pepperoni and sausage. >> i like it too. >> very healthy, clogs up the arteries. nice job. >> that does it for us this morning. see you tomorrow on cbs "this morning." up next your local news. see you tomorrow. (á ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
and headlines and 11 year old oakland boy is expected to recover after he was shot while he slept it happened early this morning with several shots fired into the family's home and no one has been arrested for the shooting. police said the driver responsible for a gas station explosion will not be charged surveillance video shows his car going out of control and smashing into a gas pump yesterday forcing customers on alhambra avenue to run for safety. frank ryan the firefighter the suffered a heart attack while battling a fire last month is doing well. it's been released from the hospital. partly cloudy skies in the
8:56 am
bay area as the cloud cover is trying to break up a bit with more clearing toward the coast line. as we head out the debris going to see the high pressure now edging its way back in here. temperatures below average for this time of year with a sea breeze by the afternoon and '70s and '80s inland and '50s and '60s toward the coast line. the next couple of days starting to warm up the numbers just a little bit with the first day of fall on saturday with cooling things off sunday with below average after that. traffic coming up.
8:57 am
8:58 am
all of folks of been stuck in traffic this morning with a couple of different hot spots this accident is finally cleared out of the lanes and fortunately there's still heavy traffic conditions northbound pass the coliseum toward downtown oakland and southbound 880 is heavy toward hayward. the peninsula early traffic alert in palo alto right there by university and it's done to the commit a long one and one still slow both directions 280 probably is the better option. this traffic alert just cleared of all lanes open southbound 680 but it's backed up headed off the benicia bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza toll still backed up. still backed up. ,,,,,,,,
8:59 am

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